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Easter Memorial Donations

Thank you to those who generously donated to our collection of Easter lilies this season. Memorial donations were made to the glory of God and in loving memory of:

Dr. Lloyd C. Agnew, Mrs. Stuart Kerr, and Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Hare given by the Agnew family

Mrs. Gwen Aliferis given by Peter Aliferis


Florence and Holmes Anrud given by the Coburn family

Sara "Peg" Backus and Emily Grace Schwab given by Joe and Carolyn Backus

Mary Stuart Baker and Bob Newman given by their loving family

Wallace, Vera, Robert, and Barbara Bauriedel given by Joanne Odle

Catherine and Edward Bawcombe, Jimmy Bawcombe, Elizabeth and David Godfrey, and all our loved ones given by the Bawcombe-Godfrey families

Dawn Bishop, Helen Rector, and Betty Lou Senger given by Lisa DeVaughan

Wayne Edward Bowman, Helen Bosko, and Thomas Ryan Rodgers given by Tricia Rogers

Maurice, Connie, and Henry Boyd given by Robert Boyd

Reg Brack, Libby Morrison, Fred Welther, and Bruce Campbell given by Cindy and Dennis Brack

Staci C.L. Bradley and Ralph L. Bradley given by Mackie, Dakota, and Cassandra Bradley

Joseph B. Brewer given by Carol J. Brewer

Tracy Brown, J.L. Massey, Vergie Massey, Shirley M. Brown, Katherine Brown, and Kenneth L. Humphries given by David and Tammy Brown

Harold W. Bump, Jr. given by Christine Bump

George Anderton Burke, Polly Burke, and Joyce Mason given by Sam Mason and Valerie, Julian, Sam, and Julia Burke

Marcelene Butler given by Kristin and Mason Butler

Vince Callahan and Eric Michael Weight given by Yvonne Weight Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carter and their sons, John H. Carter II and F. Thomas Carter given by Melissa A. Carter

Adam Clausen and Shannon O'Leary given by Ted Martin and Melissa Hurt

The Cochran and Nicholson Families given by Jaquelin C. Nicholson and Jaquelin N. Wysong

John and Betty Cole, Jack and Loretta Hewitt, and Joanne Hewitt Mahlum given by John and Jane Cole

Henry Clay Curtis, Bjorn Oddsson, Sadie Windsor Oddsson, and Bessie Curtis Ward given by Amy Lois Curtis

Judy Cyrus given by Genevieve Cyrus

Horace T. Day, Elizabeth N. Day, and Richard M. Kramer given by Tal and Barbara Day

Deborah Wustner DeSantis, Elizabeth Freeman Wustner, Theresa and Stanley DeSantis, and Linda Betz given by Hugh DeSantis

Maxine Donaldson given by the Donaldson family

Ben and Kathryn Dullinger and David E. Anderson given by Lori Sommerfield and Dennis Dullinger

Robin Jones Eddy given by Freeman Jones

Nancy Eskew given by the Eskew family

Donald Ewald given by the Gallagher family

Harlan "Rick" Ferrill and Janet Russell given by their family

Judy Adams Fortenbery and Nolan Dees Adams given by Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dees Adams

Ralph and Anne Francis, Bob Bladt, Dan Hughes, Jeff Jones, and Fred Smith given by Laura and Steve Francis

Bob and Diana Fulghum and Bill Herbster given by Chris, Talley, and Parker Fulghum

John Boswell Fuller given by his family

Wilda and Ed Gibb and William H. Moncrief, Jr. given by Dale Claire Gibb

William R. Golden, Jr. given by the Golden family

Libby Guinn given by Burgess Bradshaw

Charles and Charlotte Habliston, Clarence and Lydia Jameson, Ann Mundy, Myra Young, and Seymour and Marion Young given by the Habliston family

Our parents given by Vance and Julia Hall

Lucy Landers Harris given by Chas W. Harris

Harold, Mildred, and Donald Hedman, and William, Francis, and Brook Ashby given by Bruce and Anders Hedman

Janet Caldwell Hollis given by Kathryne Blondes

Bob Huffman and Austin A. Herr, III, given by Julie Herr

Rita Richardson Jerry, Harold H. Richardson, and Robert G. Jerry given by Stephen Richardson

Marjorie and Gary Jones and Zola McMurray given by Virginia Taylor and Ron McMurray

Frank Kahl, Truxton Baldwin, and Thomas Baldwin given by the Kahl family

Ann Elmore Keith given by the Halloran family

James and Laura Kemp and Louis Martino given by B.J. Martino and Laura Ikeda

Chip Kennett given by the Kennett Johnson family

Louise and Emil Krejci and Betty and Earl Large given by Gail and Stan Krejci

Robert S. and Marjorie G. Lesher, and Dr. Leslie and Winifred Parent given by J. Griffin and Linda P. Lesher

Our parents, S.W. and Mary Walton Livingston, Sr., and W.E. and Mary Ann Marshall given by Bill and Betty Livingston

Leslie Miller given by Sara and Tyger Latham

Allah Lewars, Richard Dickson, Howard Miller, Philip Higgins, Robert Williams, the Andrews, the von Hemerts, Marilie Dewey, Lois Burnett, Elizabeth Forbes, and Monica Mulrooney given by Pam and Bo Miller

Bela Molnar and Nancy Pendleton Owens given by David and Katherine Molnar

Prudence Darnell Montague and Clark R. Bavin, Sr. given by Clark, Mason, and Elizabeth Bavin

Frank and Sue Morris given by Caroline and Taylor Morris

Charlotte O'Shaughnessy given by Stephanie and Chase Rowan

Moses Ataobe Oboh, Gunter Odersky, Victoria Opoggen, Getrude Kunig, and Karl Hans Holzer given by Riwo Oboh-Weilke, Florian, Luke, and Amelia Weilke

Aloysius, Helen, and Anthony Paruzynski, Raymond and Anna Robakowski, and Sharon and Nelson Aparicio given by Monica Parry and Luis Aparicio

Margaret Pelesh given by Bill Pelesh

Carroll G. Pope given by Michael Pope and Hope Nelson

Mahlon Burt Prettyman given by Jeff and Kirsten Adams

The Regan, Lefeve, and Califf families given by Donna Lefeve

Jean B. Reid given by her family

Jane and George Rice and Edie George given by Janet and Lee Forsgren

John Schneble given by Heidi Schneble

Jane Schneble and Erika and Ravi Hasija given by Heidi Schneble

My grandparents, Bob and Marian Grey Shaw and Hardaway and Arch Marks given by Marian Hardaway Shaw

Robert McLeod Smith and Jeannette Gleaton Smith given by Priscilla Smith

William Francis Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Smith, and Mr. and Mrs. John N. Leith given by Catherine Tyler

Justice and Lillian Sternberg given by Kristin and Mason Butler

Jean Stuhl and Libby Guinn given by Nancyanne Burton

Jack and Barbara Sullivan, Andrew and Dorothy Goodpaster, and Anne Goodpaster Batte given by Susan Sullivan

Chrystyna Sulzynsky, Lucille and Robert Gottschall, and Charles Price given by Suzanne Price and Viktor Sulzynsky

Eliot T. Sumner and Theresa I. Sumner given by J. Catherine Sumner

Patricia and Mary Townsend given by Margaret and Marland Townsend

Lucinda T. Trabue, Lillian D. Trabue, and William D. Trabue given by Katherine and Chris Murphy

James Tritch given by Ryan, Mandy, and Ellie Tritch

Jean Van Dyk given by the Setliff family

Stephen Wagner given by Lou and Judy Wagner

Amy E. Warder, Mary K. Warder, Martha and Toxey Califf, and Peggy and Jim Keane given by the Warder family

Stella Watt given by Tom and Sherri Andersen

Nancy Wilson given by Jeffrey Wilson

William B. Wrench, Elizabeth T. Louison, and Joseph A. Horne, III, given by Martha Marks