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Global Outreach

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Helping Syrian Refugees

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is partnering with resettlement agencies in Europe and North America to offer assistance for those displaced by the Syrian conflict. To contribute to this work, write a check to St. Paul’s with "Syrian refugees" in the memo line.

A Prayer for the Victims of the Syrian Conflict
We pray for those damaged by the fighting in Syria. For the wounded and injured; for the hungry and homeless, refugee and exile; for those administering aid and medical assistance: Give protection, Lord Jesus. For all making the sacrifice of love: Give the strength of your Spirit and the joy of your comfort. In the hope of Christ we pray.


Touching Lives Across the Globe | Focus on Sudan & South Sudan

Pennies from Heaven Fundraiser

In 2014 our Pennies from Heaven fundraiser raised money for humanitarian assistance during the continuing crisis in South Sudan, due to the closure of Renk Basic School amid military conflict. We are pleased to report that as of 2015, the school has reopened for instruction. This summer we are again raising scholarships for young students to attend elementary school in Renk, South Sudan. A gift of $300 covers tuition, food, and school uniforms for one year. Our goal is to raise 40 scholarships by mid-July. To make a donation of any amount, write “Pennies from Heaven” in the memo line of a check to St. Paul’s. Click here for more information about the fundraiser and the situation in South Sudan.

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is the international relief and development arm of the Episcopal Church in the United States, guided by the Episcopal Church’s principles of compassion, dignity, and generosity as they work to heal a hurting world.

What you can do: Learn about ERD ministries from their Web site, pray for their work, and support them financially. For more information, please contact the Rev. Alyse Viggiano at (703) 549-3312 x19.

St. Paul's South Sudanese Congregation

For well over a decade, South Sudanese refugees in the Washington area have worshipped at St. Paul's, following the liturgies of the Episcopal Church of Sudan. They meet weekly at 2:00 p.m. at St. Paul's. The parish hall is available to the congregation for family events, celebrations, meetings, and more.

What you can do: Pray for the Episcopal Church of Sudan; join the St. Paul's Sudanese congregation for Sunday worship at 2:00 p.m. For more information on our Sudanese ministries, please contact the Rev. Alyse Viggiano at (703) 549-3312 x19.

American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (AFRECS)

American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (AFRECS) connects Episcopal parishes throughout the United States that share a commitment to the Episcopal Church of Sudan and its mission. AFRECS builds collaboration around ministries that are most effectively done at a national level, particularly advocacy for peace in Sudan and South Sudan. St. Paul's is a founding member of AFRECS and the Rev. Ross Kane serves on their board and as the point of contact.

What you can do: Get involved by receiving their newsletter — email to get on their distribution list — which provides opportunities for advocacy and prayer for Sudan. Contact the Rev. Alyse Viggiano at (703) 549-3312 x19.

Renk Theological College

Renk Theological College is a seminary of the Episcopal Church of Sudan. It trains clergy in practices of ministry, biblical studies, and theology.

What you can do: Pray for Renk Theological College; consider supporting a Sudanese seminary student. For more information on our Sudanese ministries, please contact the Rev. Alyse Viggiano at (703) 549-3312 x19.

Dinka Bible Translation

We financially support Wycliffe Bible Translators, who are in the process of translating the Old Testament into Dinka, the most commonly spoken language in South Sudan (the New Testament translation has been completed). Local South Sudanese language experts, who are also well-versed in Hebrew and Greek, lead the process.

What you can do: Financial contribution and prayer are the primary ways to help. For further information, contact the Rev. Alyse Viggiano> at (703) 549-3312 x19.

Five Talents - South Sudan

Five Talents is a microenterprise organization that works across the Anglican Communion, offering low-interest loans to help people overcome poverty through starting small businesses. The name of this ministry comes from the famous parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. They utilize the local networks of Anglican parish communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to disseminate small loans.

What you can do: Contact the Rev. Alyse Viggiano at (703) 549-3312 x19.