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2018 Vestry Nominees

The 2018 Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 25 at 10:00 a.m. in the nave. Please be sure to either drop off your advisory ballot in the offering plate by Sunday, February 18, or at the St. Paul’s parish office (3rd floor of Wilmer) no later than 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 21. In order for your ballot to be valid, you must vote for seven vestry positions (for a three-year term). 

Jennifer Adams

web-jennifer-adams_nomination.jpgEmployment: Ogilvy Public Relations (1998-2002), MCI (1996-1998), the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (1994-1996), the Recording Industry Association (1993-1994), Country Music Association (1991-1993).
Hobbies: Reading, travel, walking, NPR junkie, skiing once a year. I look forward to developing more hobbies as my kids go off to college.
St. Paul’s Experience: Tim and I came to St. Paul’s in 1996 for pre-marital counseling. I have served in the following roles/capacities over the past 20 years at St. Paul’s: Sunday School teacher, Lay Committee co-chair, acolyte commissioning organizer, donate to angel tree every year, baptismal counselor, Vacation Bible School volunteer, Inquirers’ Class, lector, two of our children were baptized at St. Paul’s, all three of our children graduated from St. Paul’s Nursery and Day School, two of our children have been confirmed at St. Paul’s, and all three of our children serve as acolytes. Way back when, I actually organized the St. Paul’s photo directory! Not sure if a copy of that exists anymore.
I care about St. Paul’s because I did not grow up in this area, and as a result, St. Paul’s has become a spiritual home for my family and me. My faith has deepened and strengthened through my involvement and worship at St. Paul’s. I believe firmly in the motto and mission of the church to shine as a light in the world to the glory of God.


Anne Ayres

web-anne-ayres_nomination.jpgEmployment: Recently retired from TATE, Inc. after 23 years. My husband and I founded TATE in 1994 and built it into a mid-sized defense firm prior to selling it in 2015. As one of the owners of a startup “mom and pop” company, I was involved in all aspects of managing the business and in positioning it for an acquisition. More recently, my responsibilities included contracts manager, accounting manager, trustee and administrator for the 401(k) plan, and trusted advisor.
Hobbies: Traveling, entertaining, spending time outdoors in the garden, hiking or kayaking or doing anything in Maine.
St. Paul’s Experience:
- Joined St. Paul’s in 2010
- Served on Lay Committee for Seminarian Sharon Watts (2011-2013)
- Served one term on Vestry (2014-2017)
- Junior Warden (2016-2017) — Supervised the renovation of the façade, plaza, and sanctuary (summer 2016)
- Served on Executive Committee of the Third Century Campaign (2014)
- Volunteer as Sunday Warden
I care about St. Paul’s because it is my community. I live on the same block as St. Paul’s, so I am literally a neighbor and I find that most of my friends are members of St. Paul’s. As such, I have a vested interest in the well-being of this community; I am willing to donate my time and talent to help promote the mission of St. Paul’s, to offer guidance when needed, and to work on projects to help improve the church community. I do this because it is a personally rewarding experience for me. I enjoy being part of this community and I welcome the opportunity to return to the Vestry.


Clark Bavin

web-clark-bavin_nomination.jpgEmployment: Dominion Entertainment Corporation, T/A Video Solutions (1991-present) – President and Owner, Producer/Director, Creative Strategist, Idea Generator
The Media Team (1990-1991) – Production Coordinator of all television and radio advertising for 12 political campaigns in 5 states in one season
Corporate Video (1990) – Producer/Business Development
Creative Video of Washington, Business Development (1989-90)
Cinema Teacher Assistant (1987-89)
Beacon Records – Sales Associate (1983-84)
Scotts Home Improvement - Cashier (first summer job)
Hobbies: Bicycling, golf, photography, history buff, traveler/explorer, home improvement projects, avid culinary enthusiast, wine and bourbon connoisseur, film, and I am an audiophile.
St. Paul’s Experience: St. Paul’s Nursery School (Class of ’73), my St. Stephen’s graduation in 1985, and my father’s and mother-in-law’s funeral services were all here. Mason and I were married here in 2001. Our daughter, Elizabeth, was baptized here. Church membership transferred in 2002 from Old Presbyterian Meeting House. Acolyte mentor and chalice bearer from 2013–present, member of St. Paul’s Men’s Bible Group, and producer of parish stewardship video series in 2017.
I care about St. Paul’s because life’s events and happenstances keep drawing me to St. Paul’s. It’s our spiritual home and center of our lives, really since preschool. I married the church the day I married my wife and it’s been a regular part of our family and friends. We are grateful to support and participate as best we can.


Tim Belevetz

web-tim-belevetz_nomination.jpgEmployment: Partner, Holland & Knight LLP, McLean & Washington
Hobbies: I enjoy skiing; squash; sailing; scuba diving; traveling; Alexandria history; watching professional, college, high school, and youth sports; and spending time with my family.
St. Paul’s Experience:
- Lay reader/intercessor
- Auxiliary verger
- Stewardship Committee
- Chair, Lay Mentoring Committee for clergy intern Taylor Devine
- Men’s Bible Study
I care about St. Paul’s because this is a vibrant and welcoming spiritual home for my family and many others, that makes a difference in the community and beyond in God’s name. There is a unique spirit here that inspires and challenges as it nurtures. I would be honored to help St. Paul’s continue to serve this mission as it has for over 200 years.


Larry Campbell

web-larry-campbell_nomination.pngEmployment: Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Washington National Tax Services – Joined the Tax Policy Services Group at PwC in 1995
Legislative Assistant / Press Secretary, U.S. House of Representatives, 1985–1995
Hobbies: Motorcycle touring, fly fishing, travel, and history.
St. Paul’s Experience: I have been happy to serve St. Paul’s as a Vestry member during three previous terms, including most recently as Junior Warden in 2013 and twice as treasurer during two terms a number of years ago. I also served as co-chair of the 2005 Shine as a Light Capital Campaign Committee that supported extensive renovations to Wilmer Hall and Norton Hall, and have served as a member of the St. Paul's Foundation.
Previous parish activities include being a member of the St. Paul's choir and serving on the St. Paul's Outreach Committee. My first opportunity to serve at St. Paul's was more than 25 years ago when I was invited as a newcomer to be an usher.
I care about St. Paul’s because the St. Paul's community has been a part of my life for more than 25 years. I care deeply about continuing to make St. Paul's a place that welcomes all and provides a place for current and future generations to serve and worship together, and I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given to serve the people of St. Paul's over the years.


Jay Hallen

web-jay-hallen_nomination.jpgEmployment: I consult financial institutions on regulatory compliance, risk management, and operational issues. Currently I’m with a firm called Capco where I’m helping to de-risk Freddie Mac’s mortgage book, in order for Freddie to leave government conservatorship and re-emerge as a fully private institution.
- Spending time with my family, and discovering new cultural attractions and daytrip opportunities in greater DC – particularly ones that provide a stamp for our National Parks Passport book
- Attending events at the Council on Foreign Relations, where I am a Term Member – I really enjoy foreign and economic policy issues, and I used to be a frequent contributor to several print and online journals
- Member of the Board of Directors of the Yale Alumni Fund
- Coaching Jack’s ASA U5 soccer games. Go Tiger Dragons!
- History and historic preservation – I love how St. Paul’s has the same architect as the U.S. Capitol
- Dining out in Old Town and Del Ray
- The Wall Street Journal weekend crossword. It fills my rare moments of downtime, and if I’m lucky, I’ll finish it by the following weekend.
St. Paul’s Experience:
- Regular attendee of 11 a.m. Sunday service
- Adult Education sessions, where I value discussions of how our faith intersects with elements of daily life
- Substitute and assistant Sunday School teaching
- Volunteering at Lazarus Ministry to interview our guests, understand their needs, and offer St. Paul’s comfort and assistance – I also served on the Host Committee of our wildly successful, first annual Lazarus Friendraiser in October 2017 – thanks to everyone who came out
- Coming to First Friday, armed with a few bottles of wine
- Occasional weeknight events like the Latrobe lecture, as well as Taizé services, which are among the most calming and faith-affirming experiences
- Shrine Mont in 2016 and again this April
- Bonding with other parents of the 3- to 8-year-old set as we chaperone playground hijinks after the 11 a.m. service
- This April 8, we look forward to the baptism of baby Teddy
I care about St. Paul’s because it is the best congregation for young families in Alexandria, and I want to keep it that way. The most important aspects of my life converge here – faith, family, friends, and celebration. I want to give back to a community that I love.


Tim Locke

web-tim-locke_nomination.jpgEmployment: Senior Vice President of the Smith-Free Group LLC, a government relations firm
St. Paul’s Experience: Despite having been married by the Rev. John Von Hemert in 1984, I remained a member of the Methodist Church until just a few years ago. Both of our children have grown up in the parish and gone through the preschool. It has been a good experience.
I care about St. Paul’s because the church and the ministry provide me with great support for my spiritual needs, reflection, prayer, and hope.




Anthony Marasco

web-anthony-marasco_nomination.jpgEmployment: Over 30 years of financial management experience (budgeting, analysis, forecasting, modeling) in both the public and private sectors (Fortune 500 companies). Currently a Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) at the Internal Revenue Service.
Hobbies: Reading (currently, Gil Hodges by Tom Clavin and Danny Peary); working on my Beatles collection; collecting presidential memorabilia (favorites include Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, and Harry S. Truman); collecting Brooklyn Dodgers baseball cards; supporting the NY Mets; enjoying live music; spending time with my family; and working on church projects with the St. Paul’s Beefeaters.
St. Paul’s Experience: My family and I have been members of St. Paul’s since 2003. Former Vestry member; Sunday School teacher; Hospitality Committee; coffee hour host; First Friday host; collection counter; volunteer at Parish Picnic and Shrine Mont; member of Lay Committee for seminarian Jeffrey Stevenson. Co-founder of the St. Paul’s Beefeaters, a men’s group dedicated to improving the physical surroundings of St. Paul’s Church. The Beefeaters’ mission statement: Shine as a Light and replace the bulb as needed — Celebrating our 11th Year of Service (2007–2018). Beefeater projects include the demolition and painting of the Amy Warder Arts and Science Center, St. Paul’s Cemetery clean-up (including the 200th anniversary of the Female Stranger), Alexandria Adopt-A-Block clean-up, St. Paul’s Green Team, Rebuilding Alexandria, rectory landscape work, pew latch replacement, church carpentry work, bartending the Children and Youth Silent Auction, and classroom equipment maintenance. Represented St. Paul's at Virginia Theological Seminary functions.
I care about St. Paul’s because St. Paul’s has provided us a wealth of opportunities for spiritual growth and fulfillment. I care about St. Paul’s because it is a convivial, vibrant institution. People of all ages, circumstances, and religious backgrounds discover a warm welcome at St. Paul's, and experience a powerful sense of God’s love and care.


Cathy Sachs

web-cathy-sachs_nomination.jpgEmployment: 1996-2011: Executive Director, American Society of Picture Professionals, Retired
Prior: Photo Editor, Photo Agent
2000 – present: Growing organic small grains on family farm in VA’s Northern Neck
Hobbies: Wildlife (Master Naturalist), cooking, gardening, Italian language
St. Paul’s Experience:
- Angel Tree Program: member of team for many years through present
- Lector through present
- Volunteer in parish office with special area of membership database updates and directory through present
- Member of Lay Committee for Ministry Resident Program (2013 – 2015)
I care about St. Paul’s because when I began attending services at St. Paul’s in 2005, I felt immediately at home. Being a member of this faith community has brought me comfort, friendships, and joy. Its rich musical program, exceptional clergy, congregational involvement, and myriad community outreach commitments make St. Paul’s an extraordinary church.



Lisa Walsh

web-lisa-walsh_nomination.jpgEmployment: I began my career in 1994 as a state prosecutor, went on to work as an associate for an Atlanta law firm, and was later hired as in-house counsel for one of my clients. In 2002, I returned to public service, becoming a special agent with the FBI. I continued to work for the FBI until January 2017 when I accepted a job-share attorney position with the Department of Justice in the Criminal Division, where I remain today.
Hobbies: Baking, running & reading. Serving as an unpaid Uber/Lyft driver for my daughters — shuttling them to their many sports and activities.
St. Paul’s Experience: My husband Matt and I joined St. Paul’s in 2004. Both of our daughters were baptized at St. Paul’s, regularly attended Sunday School, and now serve as acolytes during the 9 a.m. service. Over the past decade and a half, I have enjoyed retreats at Shrine Mont, and attended First Fridays, parish picnics, and pancake suppers. I began my volunteer life at St. Paul’s as a Sunday school teacher in the 3’s classroom in 2007. In 2009, my husband and I were asked to serve as baptismal counselors. In 2011, we began to head up this ministry, which we continued to do until 2015. In 2015, we transitioned into our current roles as ushers. My most recent and arguably most important role at St. Paul’s, however, has been serving as a Vestry spouse for the past three years. It is in supporting my husband in his role that I have learned the value of getting to watch whatever you want on TV once a month. Joking aside, it is in this role that I have witnessed firsthand what a rewarding and meaningful experience serving on the Vestry can be.
I care about St. Paul’s because it is a place of faith, renewal, and support for my family as well as for our community. On Sunday when I hear the words “God’s feast for all of God’s people,” I am reminded that I have chosen a place where all are welcome and all are valued. I would be honored to serve St. Paul’s in this capacity and support St. Paul’s wonderful welcoming legacy of faith and service.