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The Third Century: Capital Campaign

3rdcenturylogo-web.jpgIn November of 1809, our forebears set out to establish an Episcopal parish that faithfully worshipped God, faithfully welcomed others into their midst, and faithfully served the world in God’s name. Their trust in God, in each other, and in those who would come after, sustained them in times of sorrow, war, and upheaval, as well as in times of joy, prosperity, and stability.

We are the benefactors of two centuries of their labors and are now entrusted with this legacy of faith. In a time when mainline Christianity in general, and the Episcopal Church in specific, are experiencing decline, we are blessed with vibrancy and growth in both people and mission. It is incumbent upon us to carry on the tradition of our ancestors; to expand our work, not only for those who come to us today, but also for those who will come after us. We are at a critical time in our history; now it is our turn to act.

In order to honor our legacy and secure our place in the rich history of St. Paul’s, our Vestry voted in May of 2014 to undertake a capital campaign with the goal of raising $3 million, and with generous donations from our parish family, we have exceeded this goal. Building on our present success and momentum, The Third Century Campaign will ensure the presence of a thriving community at St. Paul’s for generations to come. The comprehensive capital campaign benefits St. Paul’s in three ways: it will complete the last of the deferred maintenance to our buildings, eliminate our debt, and build up our endowment.