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Pennies from Heaven

Send a Child to School | Support St. Paul's Summer Pennies from Heaven Fundraiser

sudanref.jpgAmid the political crisis in South Sudan, the church continues its ministry of providing hope and relief to a people weary of war. After South Sudan’s independence from the oppressive northern Sudan regime in 2011, infighting broke out among South Sudan’s top politicians in December of 2013, leading to a violent political stalemate that continues to this day. So dangerous was the fighting that in 2014 the Renk Basic School, which St. Paul’s has long supported through its Pennies from Heaven fundraiser, closed down. To support the church during that crisis, St. Paul’s raised over $10,000 in humanitarian relief. Those funds went primarily to purchase sorghum for both refugees and the local population, as well as medical supplies and mosquito nets.

The Renk Basic School reopened in 2015, so we are again raising scholarships for students to attend elementary school for one year. $300 covers tuition, food, and school uniforms for one year. Our goal is to raise 30 scholarships by late July. To make a donation of any amount, write “Pennies from Heaven” in the memo line of a check to St. Paul’s. Frankly, we do not know how long the school will remain open. If Renk faces political insecurity the school could close again. In such a situation the funds will be used for humanitarian relief.

No matter what happens, we want the church in Renk to know that they are not forgotten. We want them to know they are cared for and supported by Christians in other parts of the world amid the challenges of civil war. St. Paul’s has walked with the church in Renk for nearly 20 years, built two schools and supported students year after year. Let us continue to care and provide for those in need.


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